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OC12 Lines

Description Of An OC3 Line

OC3 lines provide a massive 155.52 Mbps capacity, providing enough capacity for some of the largest internet backbone networks, carrying traffic around the world. Like other OC-x lines, these lines conform with the ANSI standard SONET (Synchronous Optical Network), allowing telecoms carriers around the world to interconnect their networks.

OC3 Lines – Capacity and Costs

OC3 lines provide the equivalent capacity of 100 T1, or almost 4 times that of T3 lines.  Prices for providing OC3 lines carry a high price tag ranging from around $20,000 to $45,000 per month putting them firmly in the price bracket of big business.

With such a large capacity, OC3 lines are typically used by Internet Service Providers, or large enterprises with high volume network traffic requirements. The Optical Carrier (OC) line capacity is indicated by the number following ‘OC’, with the number identifying the multiple of bandwidth offered over the base OC1 : therefore OC-3 offers 3 times the 51.84 Mbps capacity of an OC-1 line.

OC3 lines are also available with fractional bandwidth allowing a lower bandwidth commitment, but allowing ‘burst’ speeds at times of increased network activity.  Providers can offer as low a bandwidth commitment as 10Mbps with bursts up to the maximum capacity of 155Mbps. This can provide flexibility to smaller enterprises that do not normally require the entire bandwidth of an OC3 line, but who cannot commit to the high costs of a dedicated line for their business.

Although OC3 has a huge capacity there are many higher levels of OC lines and there are even future theoretical OC lines starting from OC-256!